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Marek Wzorek - ecoCoach

Marek Wzorek

Marek graduated from Rzeszów University of Technology, MBA in International Marketing on Higher School of Commerce and International Finance in Warsaw and postgraduate coaching studies on University of Warsaw.

Since year 2008 in igus Poland as Managing Director and CEO. Marek reorganized and developed creative, teal and self-organised igus Poland team from 7 employees in 2008 till 90 in 2017. He significantly strengthened the market position of igus in Poland and had abouve-average turnover and profit growth. He helped to restructure the branch office in Singapore, working for 6 months as Interim Executive Manager in igus HUB in the ASEAN region (including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines). Since 2015 he developed igus factory of readycables and readychain in Poland with help of LEAN implementation.

Since 2015 internal and external business coach helping managers and companies in Poland and worldwide to grow. Supporter and evengelist of teal organisations, holocracy and self-organised teams. Practitioner of methods used in teal organisations like “solar system”, transparency, “Candidate Day” and others. Practitioner of LEAN, LEAN Startup methodology and agile project management. 
As executive and business coach Marek is working wich CEO, leaders and their teams to develop their leadership and communication skills focusing on individual company, team or person needs. As teal coach he support and help to develop leaders and teams on the way to teal company reinvention. 

Diana Baranowska - ecoCoach

Diana Baranowska

She graduated from the faculty of psychology at the University of Wrocław and 8th edition of the School of Coaches of the Association of CEL Education Centre. She specialises in health psychology and positive psychology. In Coaching she strives to achieve specific results through understanding, commitment and motivation for action.

As a Coach she has been working on changes in the personal and professional life. She adjusts the work style individually according to the fixed rules and current needs and expectations.
 Diana supports social campaigns dedicated to the protection of health and nature. She finds fulfilment in creative activity. She is an inspiring person, who always looks for new challenges.

Our values - ecoCoaching policy

When achieving success, we are devoted to three key values: Purpose, People and Profit.
We fulfil our purpose by conducting Coaching and training sessions and introducing innovations into the customer's environment. ECO means that the customer, his/her organisation and environment are a top priority for us.
We appreciate our people by creating an open working environment together in which everyone can count on the support and personal, professional and spiritual development.
We make profit thanks to our services, products and satisfied customers as well as high efficiency of our activities. We share the profit that we make with employees and society, and we reinvest it in the organisation and dedicate it for ecological purposes. 

We always take care of ethics and ecology in our work and help our customers achieve their goals. 


Each person and company has great potential and resources that can be used in order to improve their functioning and results – we always believe in it, therefore, we support their discovery and development.


Our company exists thanks to our customers, so the customer and his/her needs are important to us. In the Coaching process, however, the Coach and the Coaching customer are equal partners.


The shortest possible response time is our duty.


We always try to answer "Yes, we can!" to our customers' questions concerning their needs.


We want to implement the mission of holacracy and create the teal organisation in which the interest and opinion of each employee and ecoCoach are equally important. Together we strive for a deeper, more harmonious and happier life.


We are aware that we and our customers live in a complex, dynamic and connected world -  each of the activities that we and our customers perform today will have an unimaginable influence on him/her, his/her company, community, nature and the world tomorrow.


We trust our and our customers' intuition


We want to make the world around us a better place, therefore, we act reasonably and honestly in the interest of each other and we care about the customer and the environment.


We see and help our clients see the ECO aspect, namely the aspect of nature. Nature can handle without a human, but a human cannot handle without the nature.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create ecosystem that assure healthy and holistic growth of people and organizations

Our vision

Our vision is to create a global network of ecoCoaches who use their experience to support companies and persons in a more complete and better life. We want to create and introduce innovations in the development of mental abilities, creativity, knowledge, communication as well as management and organisation development.

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